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Internal Warehouse Line Marking

Why install warehouse internal line marking?
Internal line marking is key for your warehouse to uphold safety standards, improve efficiency and productivity, and ensure that your facility looks organised and professional.
Our internal line marking provides accurate systems for marking out warehouse floors or manufacturing facilities to highlight walkways, zones and bays and secure/risk areas.

When we discuss warehouse line marking, there are two types that we are referring to: external and internal.
Each plays a crucial role in reducing risks and emphasising hazards around the facility, with internal line marking being an excellent starting point.

What types of warehouse internal line marking do we recommend?
There are several methods that you can opt for when installing internal line marking, all of which we can offer:

Shot blast warehouse internal line marking.

Shot blasting is when a small piece of metal is shot at the concrete floor to strip the surface and leave behind virgin concrete, providing a surface for the paint to key with. The ‘shot’ can remove a depth of between 1mm to 3mm depending on the machine used and severity of the impact.
This is the most popular warehouse internal line marking method due to its versatility and unmatched durability with the added benefit of having a fast installation process.

When carrying out shot blast internal line marking, we use a two-part epoxy which typically lasts around three years (depending on truck movements etc.). This provides you with a long-term solution for high-traffic warehouse areas

Warehouse tape and roller line marking

The tape and roller method is considered more traditional as it doesn’t involve using any advanced technology or specialist tools; just some tape or paint and a standard roller to adhere to the floor.

The tape and roller method is regarded as a temporary and flexible solution for short-term projects. It is excellent for those on a budget as there are no alterations made to the concrete floor before applying the tape, other than being thoroughly cleaned, which keeps the cost low. It is also more suited to warehouses that don’t require a highly durable solution. If you need a more durable longer, lasting line marking solution, we would recommend shot-blasted line marking

Warehouse sprayed floor marking

Sprayed floor marking is when a machine and spray paint are used to mark certain areas on the warehouse floor. Otherwise known as warehouse floor lines.
It often doesn’t produce the clean lines of a tape and roller, nor is it as durable as shot blasting, but it is the fastest method of internal line marking and can be pretty cost-effective.

This method is ideal for warehouses that use block-stacking, where inventory is stored on the floor rather than on racking.

Why talk to Racking Safety Services about warehouse line marking?

As experts in warehouse safety, we offer bespoke and professional solutions to all safety risks in the industry to reduce workplace accidents and give warehouse owners peace of mind.

Line marking is not a simple fix. When not done correctly, many warehouses can face issues, such as paint lifting or not sticking to the floor, resulting in line marking failure within a brief period.

Specialists in warehouse line marking planning
Our specialist line marking technology and floor preparation equipment ensures that your line marking stands the test of time. We guarantee durable, practical and cost-effective warehouse line marking that will satisfy the needs of your business.

Call to speak to one of our experts today about your warehouse line marking needs.

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Line Marking Variations

External Line Marking 
Tarmac or concrete line marking for outside area such as car parks, roads etc. Using wither thermo plastic solution or spray paint to mark the desired area.

Internal Line Marking
Shot blasted with 2 part epoxy is durable and typically lasts around 3 years (depending on truck movements etc). We can also offer a diamond floor shave system which is a more premium solution.

Floor Coating
This is a floor treatment service where epoxy is laid to the floor to increase the floors durability, makes it easy to clean and can eliminate cracks.